Unex Handels GmbH uses boron technology for its Bormax brand. Boron can be found on the periodic table of elements with the symbol B and the atomic number 5. This rare trivalent metalloid appears in an enriched form in some minable deposits. Boron exists in multiple modifications: amorphous boron is a brown powder, whereas crystalline boron can be seen in multiple allotropic forms.

Boron has the greatest tensile strength of all known elements and the second greatest hardness, just behind diamonds. Boron modifications have physical and chemical similarities to hard ceramics, silicon carbide, and tungsten carbide. Like graphite, it demonstrates excellent lubricating properties. Its ability to create stabile three-dimensional networks through covalent bonds is another indication of boron’s chemical comparability to elements in the same period, such as carbon and silicon.

In nature, boron only appears in connection with oxygen. It has a long list of industrial uses, e.g. as an insulator and bleaching agent in the forms of borax and perborate, not to mention as an additive for rocket fuel, an alloy addition, a reducing agent for copper, an airbag detonator, for parts of helicopter rotor, tennis rackets, golf clubs, fishing rods, flares, fireworks, control rods in nuclear reactors, and many others!