Grime is a hidden enemy that could be lurking in your motor.

It can clog important motor parts over time and leads to:

⊗ Reduced motor performance 

⊗ Increased fuel usage 

⊗ Louder engine

⊗ Motor damage

⊗ Increased emissions

Fuel additives help ascertain that vehicles and equipment will stay clean and that harmful deposits will be removed. They protect the fuel system and have improved fuel properties that can decrease fuel usage.

BORMAX products also help reduce harmful emissions and protect our environment.

The UNEX BORMAX Premium Line offers high performance fuel additives.

These chemicals are designed and developed for the production of premium fuels. Supported by the UNEX BORMAX Premium Line, motors are kept clean at all times.

The BORMAX Premium Line is our best dirt separator for gasoline and diesel motors. It starts working during your very first fill-up and helps remove the dirt from your motor while preventing new dirt from coming in. With continual use of the UNEX BORMAX Line, your motor will run efficiently with no friction and thus contribute to reducing the risk of unplanned maintenance work.