Working Together for Energy Efficiency

We have another example of the Austrian saying “Talking brings people together” in the additive and lubricant industry: mapo and Unex are officially working together.

While talking about the best method of implementing the energy efficiency law that provides all companies – from the largest to the smallest – with concrete goals for saving energy, mapo owner Franz Mauerhofer and Unex Handels GmbH partners Hasan Aksüz, Abdullah Ismail Masca, Bayram Koca, and Emin Yilmaz have agreed to start working together on workshop sales. This has led to cooperative research and development so that mapo and Unex can offer fuel and motor oil additives according to the energy efficiency law (EEffG).

Exceeding the EEffG’s Additive Demands

In two-year development, this cooperative research has led to the development of two product lines and thus the completely new fuel and motor oil additive program: mapo’s is for the segment industry (automobile manufacturers, commercial vehicles, and industry), while Bormax’s targets segment mobility (passenger cars and pick-up trucks). Surveys and tests performed by Selcuk University’s Department of Engineering and Mechanical Engineering (the certificate can be found on our homepage, www.unexshop.com), SGS Austria Controll, and TÜV Hellas Austria confirm that their additives exceed the demands of the energy efficiency law.

These special products are produced, bottled, and packed at a new, shared manufacturing site in the Lower Austrian town Sollenau. They are only offered to consumers at specialist shops, gas stations, and workshops. Bormax products and mapo lubricants and additives are sold by Unex as part of their workshop needs, which also includes small and repair parts (particularly light bulbs, balancing weights, and consumer supplies like tire mounting paste). “The first year of this new cooperation was very successful,” said Mauerhofer happily. “Unex gained 250 new customers in Austria and Germany”.This year, there are plans to visit international fairs and a large specialist retailer conference for lubricant and additive retailers on the Mediterranean coast. (ENG)


THese additives give you the boost you need!

It has been proven that you can save fuel with our new Bormax additives: They exceed the demands of the new energy efficiency law.