UNEX Handels GmbH is the owner of the Bormax & UNEX product lines. We offer innovative solutions specifically for automobile motors, actuators, and production machines. Our assortment includes various boron innovations and other products that guarantee greater efficiency and long service life. Our products reduce friction and wear and tear while increasing capacity and thermic stability, as well as providing great corrosion protection for primarily metallic surfaces. Bormax’s product range can be used on nearly any moving surface. We focus not only on efficiency and service life, but also on the sustainable production of raw materials.

Whether your company produces, sells, or uses motor fuel, UNEX has a wide palette of special chemicals that can give your business the boost it needs. We develop chemicals for production and retail. Our manufacturing site in Sollenau, Austria offers us the flexibility to adapt multifunctional additives to each client’s specific demands.

Our team is made up of experienced advisors who have experience preparing effective, individualized solutions for the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

We believe in having a good relationship with our client and winning your loyalty. It is our goal to understand and share your objectives, to integrate with your employees and processes.

We trust workers, encourage their growth and engagement, and want to support them in their constant search for new approaches, ideas, and solutions.

That is why our motto is: “There is only one limitation: personal creativity.”

UNEX Chemical Solutions

UNEX Handels GmbH offers a wide palette of customized additive solutions, perfect for a variety of branches and uses. We are happy to develop customized products for all your needs upon request.